"Don't be like the rest of them Darling"
- Coco Chanel -

NAYA LA'BELLE HAIR was founded by Adele Awuku, after many years of buying and experiencing hair that fell short of that 'Luxury' title. Let's face it... to buy real Virgin Human Hair Extensions is not cheap. It is a luxury that comes at a high price and is a great investment for the Woman wearing them.

We are sure that you have at one time or another experienced inconsistency with hair companies like Adele did. In one order the hair would be seemingly good at first glance and then after a few weeks of usage, or after washing, the quality would be compromised. This was so frustrating for Adele, so much so that she desired to have her own Hair Company where Clients could feel confident that in each and every order they would be receiving a product that reflected the high quality that was paid for and expected. Adele spent months observing and researching virgin hair, speaking to potential factories, spending money on sampling the different hair and then eventually finding one that met NLB standards and passed all of the rigorous tests. Our Luxury 100% Virgin Hair is directly sourced from across South East Asia and we are proud to say that we can guarantee you a level of luxury that you will appreciate and is second to none. It is also necessary to add that it was very important to Adele (and in fact a requirement), that NAYA LA'BELLE HAIR was sourced from only reputable hair factories who treated hair donors with respect and ensured that they were paid fairly for their hair.


Naya meaning 'renewal' and La'Belle meaning 'the beautiful' - NAYA LA'BELLE HAIR is committed to renewing your Luxury Hair experience and providing each and every Woman with the tools to explore her inner beauty and outer glow strand by strand.

'Be intentional about The Total Experience.' ~ Adele Awuku

By becoming a La'Belle Beau, you can be assured that you will receive The Luxury Hair Experience.

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