Frequently Asked Questions

If I order today, will I receive my hair next week?      

On average, most customers receive their hair in 7-10 days from original purchase date. However, it is recommended that you allow yourself enough time to receive your hair. Always prepare for unexpected delays from the Shipping provider due to holidays or weather related conditions. If your purchase however is from our Naya Lash Bar Collection then you should receive your order within 7 days as they are kept on hand at our UK storage. At the moment Naya La'Belle Hair ships out products on 2 designated days in the week; Monday's and Wednesday's. This can be subject to change at any time under the discretion of Management.

Can I expedite my order? What if I pay extra?

Unfortunately this option is not available. At present, no hair is kept on hand. We are a luxury retailer and your order is made to order after your purchase. Please note that after you place your order, it takes a few days to receive the hair from our warehouse which is located in South East Asia.

Is your hair vendor from Aliexpress or Alibaba?

No. Naya La'Belle Hair is not from hair vendors on Aliexpress or Alibaba. Our Luxury hair is high quality 100% Virgin Hair sourced from independent factories in South East Asia. Please read Our Story

I ordered my hair during a sales period, when will I receive my hair?

Usually processing time is 2-5 business days. During a sales period this time is prolonged. It can take an additional 5 business days before your order is shipped. After it is shipped it will take 2-3 business days for UK residents and 6-10 business days for International Orders.


How much hair should I purchase?

3 bundles for a full install for hair 16” and under. 4 bundles for hair 18” and greater, Same is true if you add a closure. If you add a frontal you can subtract 1 bundle from the equation.

How many sets of clip ins do I need for a full head?

2-3 sets. It all depends on how much hair you are leaving out.

Where are you located? Can I stop by and pick up the hair?

This is an online business that is operated from home. No hair is kept on hand for safety reasons. Only online orders are accepted.


Can I dye or color the hair?

Yes the hair can be dyed/colored. It is however, recommended that if you want to dye your hair a colour that requires it to be bleached lighter, then it is better for you to purchase hair from our She's A Diamond Collection, which has already been bleached to Colour 613, ready for you to add whatever colour you desire to it. Also note that, as with your natural hair, sometimes the chemicals in the dye products can loosen curl patterns. This is not a reflection of the quality of hair you are receiving from Naya La'Belle Hair.

Can I straighten the hair?

Yes you can straighten the hair. However, kinky/curly hair will not always straighten bone straight. This hair is full of texture and when straightened may mimic a Kinky Straight texture. Heat Protector and proper hair care should always be applied.


What is your refund or return policy?

Due to the nature of this business refunds are not accepted on Naya La'Belle Hair or products from our Naya Lash Bar Collection. Returns are only accepted when you have received the wrong item(s). Please see our full Returns Policy.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact

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